Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path,

Offered in person and online via Zoom

Twelve weeks February 14 to May 1, 2024

Wednesday evenings, 7:00 – 8:30pm Central (Chicago) Time

As taught by Bhikkhu Cintita

Sitagu Dhamma Vihāra, Chisago City, MN USA

This course is based on the earliest stratum of Buddhist texts interpreted for the modern student. These astonishingly profound and coherent teachings of the Buddha span not only the higher training of meditation, psychology and the path to awakening, but also practical advice on virtue, harmony, community and basic human values. There are no prerequisites and no cost. Email BC to let me know you will be attending. The Zoom link is below.

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Buddhist Life / Buddhist Path: foundations of Buddhism based on earliest sources, by Bhikkhu Cintita. Available in hard copy, ebook or pdf HERE.




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