Current Donation Wish List

For monks

Ongoing. In-person meal donors for monks, either occasional 
or scheduled would be nice. This would be a good opportunity for the 
local community.

Building and Grounds

We need a wheelborrow (4/20))
(our old one got buried in the snow then run over bye the snow plow)

Job: remove barbed wire around old fence north of new house (4/20))
(before some child cuts himself on it)

Job: repair balcony and related roof in old house.

We are looking for donations for a railing to complete the wheelchair 
access to the pagoda. (1/10/2023)

We are looking for donations to tile the enclosed raised walkway 
around the pagoda. (1/10/2023)

For community

Library. We are in the process of developing our library in Burmese
and English.. Financial contributions to a general fund
would be welcome. Book donations in specific areas are welcome: 
favorite meditation teacher, Buddhist art,Abhidhamma, also Burmese history, 
language and culture, Minnesota wildlife, etc., Recommendations are also
welcome. We recommend for ordering books on line. 
A generous donor has built bookshelves for us. 

Gardening in the spring. There is an ongoing need for this. 

We have a lot of property, if someone would like to undertake a vegetable garden
for own or community use, beekeeping, etc.

Helping out. Our kappiya Scott always has multiple maintenance and improvement
project going, for those who might want to pop in for an hour or a day.