Daily Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Please email TDSM.Correspondence@gmail.com to ask about specific programs, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter HERE.

  • 07:00am -- Monks' breakfast, in the old house.

  • 11:00am -- Monks' lunch, in the old house.

  • Starts 6-8:00 pm (time varies by season) -- Scripture recitation and meditation, in the pagoda with the monks, in the new house in during winter months, in the Pali language, English translations provided, generally lasts 15 minutes.

Class Schedule

  • Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm -- . Buddha's Book Club. This is an informal discussion led by Bhikkhu Cintita as we make our way together through a Buddhist text, such as the Dhammapada or In Buddha's Words. We meet in the basement of the new house. Please email or subscribe to our newsletter for current information.

  • Sundays, 3:00 - 4:30 pm -- Online: Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path: an intoduction to Buddhism.
    Began Jan. 29, 2023, a 12-week course on the fundamental concepts of Buddhism based on the earliest sources, taught by Bhikkhu Cintita. We are using BC's book Buddhist Life/Buddhist Path as a text, which is available HERE as download or hard copy. Resources, including uploads of previous Zoom classes are available HERE.

Upcoming Events

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You are welcome to make an appointment to talk with one of the monks 1-on-1 almost any day to learn about the temple, receive meditation instruction, pick up a book or ask Dharma questions. Please email us at TDSM.Correspondence@gmail.com.

We hope to schedule some other classes soon and will announce community festivals here. Please sign up for our email newsletter.