Staying at Sitagu Buddhist Vihara

We are a monastery but also function as a lay retreat and meditation center. People are welcome to visit or to stay as a guest for short periods generally to engage in Buddhist practice or study even outside of organized group retreats. This affords a rather rare opportunity for meditation, study, interaction with the monks and participation in the life of a Buddhist community. Sometimes housing is available for festivals and other community events on a very limited basis for those traveling from out of town.


Housing exists primarily of single-person cabins. We have fourteen of these intended for women, fourteen for men and eight for Sangha. We also have a 10-unit guest house which affords less seclusion than the cabins and is intended primarily for non-yogi guests and volunteers. Housing varies in size and most cabins have no plumbing, for which occupants are referred to the central bathhouse. If you have health or accessibility concerns, please let us know. Otherwise we allocate rooms based on availability with preference given to long-term participants.

Please note that first-time private practice visits are limited to one week. Accommodations may sometimes be limited, so please contact the monastery well ahead of time, preferably by email, to check on the availability of space.

For those who have previously spent time with the community, it may be possible to arrange longer stays.  Please do not make a reservation without a firm commitment to follow through. If you must cancel please notify us as soon as possible so that we do not in the meantime turn someone else away for want of an available room. It will be noticed that our cabis vary considerably in size, furnishings and availability of private bath; most are quite modest. The reason is that each is built according to donor request. Allocation of cabins is at times rather arbitrary or may depend entirely on availability, but factors such as age, term of residence and seniority within the community may also be considered. If you have any special requirements for health or other reasons, please let someone know.


In keeping with ancient Buddhist tradition there is no charge for staying as a guest of Sitagu Buddhist Vihara, which is supported entirely by the generosity of our broader community, through contributions food, financial support and labor. Guests are of course always welcome to consider how they might contribute to the needs of the monastery as practices of generosity and service. However, the best way to express gratitude for this community support of your practice and studies is to be diligent in these pursuits.

Practice guests participate both in the routine of the monastery as well as in the life of the community. Many undertake the Eight Precepts, which includes eating only before noon and avoiding physical contact between men and women. As guests are sharing in community life, it is not appropriate to come and go without notice or engage in external business during their stay. To help make the monastery a haven of quiet and solitude, guests are asked to limit use of telephones, computers or email while staying at the monastery. During organized retreats these may be prohibited altogether. Please try to take care of all business and travel arrangements before coming to the monastery.


To make your stay more comfortable, you you might bring a flashlight, towel and toiletries, sturdy shoes, warm clothing in the winter months, and an alarm clock. We generally can supply bedding, but if you are traveling by car you might also bring your own. All cabins have heat and air conditioning.

We ask that all practice participants adhere to proper etiquette while at the monastery. Much of the etiquette involves behavior around monks (and nuns if present) who follow a disciplined lifestyle as defined in the Vinaya, the Buddhist monastic code. Guidelines for etiquette can be found here.

We hope that your stay will be peaceful and enriching to your spiritual life.