At the heart of Sitagu Buddhist Vihara stands the majestic Sitagu Shwezigon Pagoda. Surrounding this are the Grand Dhamma Hall, Dhamma library, sangha lodges, yogi cottages, stand-alone meditation cottages, and dining hall with full public amenities and gathering spaces. The Vihara attracts students of the Dhamma, meditators, the pilgrims and worshipers, students of Buddhist and Asian art and architecture, participants in many community events and those who wish to enjoy the serenity of this natural setting.

Shwe Zi Gon Pagoda. The original Shwe Zi Gon, located in Myanmar, is one of the earliest monuments of the Bagan period. Its construction began in 1076 AD by King Anawrahta, the great propagator of Theravada Buddhism. The Shwe Zi Gon Replica in Austin, TX, designed by Burmese traditional architect Tampawaddy U Win Maung, is a one-third-scaled replica of the original, with dimensions of 56 feet wide and 54 feet high to the lotus bud finial, and 65 feet high to the diamond top of the metal umbrella. MORE

Dhamma Hall. Adjoining Sitagu Shwezigon stands tall the Grand Dhamma Hall, with its traditional Burmese three-stepped Zetawun roof. The traditional height of the layered roof has been scaled down so as not to obstruct the panoramic vista of, and thereby compete with the elegance of, the adjacent Sitagu Shwezigon Pagoda. Along with the roof canopy over the entry way to the Pagoda, the three-stepped-roofed Zetawun architectural design can be admired from the west terrace of the Pagoda. MORE

Dhamma Ceti Library. Our library is becoming an important resource for study and scholarship in Dhamma and in Burmese Culture. We have significant collections in Burmese, English and Pali (in Burmese and Roman scripts). Aside from religion and culture we also offer things of casual interest to members of the Sitagu community, such things as music and video recordings, fiction, history, political affairs, geography, travel, bird watching, how-to, ESL and foreign languages. MORE

Residential and Yogi Housing. Currently the Vihara possesses twenty-eight yogi and resident cottages, fourteen for women and fourteen for men; and eight Sangha cottages. A twelve-unit Guest House is planned. Most of the cottages have no restroom facilities but rather rely on a central bath house. These facilities allow the Vihara to hoast large numbers of meditators in addition to monastic practitioners and lay staff. MORE

Festival, Community and Quiet Space. The Vihara offers several large wooden decks, picnick areas, walking trails, a tree house and beautiful gardens. It encompasses 16.1 acres of wooded land that we share with deer, foxes, wild turkeys and many other animals. We also have a large kitchen where many people often work together preparing delicious food for large events. MORE