Programs and Activities at Sitagu Buddha Vihara

Sitagu Buddhist Vihara serves multiple functions:

Buddhist Practice. As a meditation center we support:

Generally practitioners will follow eight or nine precepts while living here. We also can arrange for temporary monastic ordination. More

Dhamma Study. We offer:

Our emphasis is on Dhamma study especially in Theravada Buddhism, with some offerings depending on resources and demand in Pali, ESL and Burmese language and culture. More

Use of Facilities. Our facilities include:

Facilities are available to paritipants in our various functions. Their use for special independently organized activities may be negotiated as long as these our consistent with our mission and values More

Puja, Ceremonies and Pastoral Care.We offer ceremonially the refuges and precepts and chanting services for special occasions, such as birthdays or memorials. The monastics can be invited into homes for these purposes or for meal offerings and are also available for pastoral counseling, hospital visits, etc. Please speak with the abbot about arrangements.

Vihara Special Events.The Sitagu Buddhist Vihara also functions as a community center for a largely Burmese community with a growing non-Burmese contingent respectful of Burmese cultural traditions. There are a number of major festivals, religious and otherwise, each year, often with Burmese folk music and dancing, and with wonderful Burmese food. More

Buddhist Community . The vihara is family-friendly; people often drop by to pay respect to the monastics, visit with friends, offer and participate in meals, make use of our library, walk on our trails, undertake small gardening or construction projects, grab a mop or a broom and help keep the vihara clean or make monetary contributions. More

Outreach. The Sitagu Association in Myanmar is famous for its initiatives in social services. The Austin vihara organizes various programs outside of the vihara, for refugees, at prisons, in interreligious affairs, at schools and universities, which offer volunteer opportunities. More