Sitagu Buddha Vihara sits on 16.1 acres in rural Travis County about 25 minutes southwest of downtown Austin. It serves as a Buddhist devotional site, a monstery, a meditation and education center and a community center.


Housing consists of:

Kitchen and Dining Hall

Sacred Spaces

The Shwe Zigon Pagoda is a consecrated sima, appropriate for monastic procedures (sanghakamma), including ordinations. It includes a 40x40 room. The Dhamma Hall can see approximately 100 people for lectures, group meditation, etc. The Dharma Hall has facilities for filming and providing a Web video steam of the proceedings.

Public Meeting Spaces

Festival, Community and Outdoor Space

The Vihara offers several large wooden decks, picnick areas, walking trails, a tree house and beautiful gardens. It encompasses 16.1 acres of wooded land that we share with deer, foxes, wild turkeys and many other animals.