Sitagu Buddha Vihara was developed and is sustained entirely through the generous donations as well as the labor of a large and dispersed community. Sitagu Buddha Vihara is indeed a fertile field of merit.

Each donation to the Sitagu Buddha Vihara is matched by enormous appreciation on the part of all of those who benefit from the Vihara. This appreciation begins with the sangha who are housed here and given a peaceful and inspirational rural setting and the most supportive facilities in which they can practice, study, teach, provide the pastoral needs of the Sitagu community and reach out beyond through lecture appearances, writing, good works, etc. This appreciation includes the many yogis who are able to come here for retreat or for private practice and study and be housed for periods of time at no cost to themselves. It includes the many visitors to the vihara, from tourists and art students to newcomers to Buddhism who can enjoy and be inspired by some of the best Buddhist art and architecture in the country and come away knowing more about Burma and its culture. And it includes those who enjoy visiting, picknicking, attending festivals, sitting and walking in a setting both beautiful and wholesome for adults and children alike. Sitagu Vihara moreover stands as an oasis, a place of peace and force for good in a troubled and turbulent world. Casual visitors and neighbors and even people that read about us in the newspaper are glad we are here.

Sitagu Buddha Vihara is indeed a fertile field of merit because it brings great benefit in fullfilling its mission of supporting and propogating the Buddha sasana in America.

How to Donate

These are some of the ways in which donations can be made:

Make a cash donation to the monastery. Checks should be made out to TDSA (Theravada Dhamma Society of America) and can be mailed to the abbot at 9001 Honeycomb Dr., Austin, TX 78737. Donations to the vihara can also be offered by hand to the abbot. Our monthly pledge form is provided here in Burmese and English. Please contact our treasurer to arrange for a monthly bank transfer

Use our Wish List. The monastery always has material needs such as kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies. See our current wish list Here.

Donate to the Sangha members. Generally lunch is offered by local families on a weekly rotating basis. Moreover, other families are welcome to make a one-time meal offering, or simply to supplement what is otherwise offered. It is common for a family to offer on a particular occasion such as on a birthday or a memorial day. Please contact the abbot to make arrangements. Note that the sangha must eat before noon; generally it eats at 11:15 at the Vihara. Robes are traditionally offered at Waso or Katthina (see Events). Other material offerings, for instance tooth paste or socks, can be made at any time to individual monks. Because most people will not know the specific material needs of a monk, nor what might be appropriate, small cash donations have become common. See the etiquette page for how to make a cash offering to monks.

Donate to a specific fund. Often a donor takes a particular interest in a particular need of the monsastery, for instance in expanding our library holdings. At any one time generally one or more funding campaigns are underway, for instance, to make a repair or develop new facilities. These are generally announced in our news page. Donating to a specific fund engages the donor directly in shaping the future of the Vihara according to the donor's values